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Instructions for Residency Applicants
UCSF Department of Dermatology

We will be accepting applications through ERAS for positions when the system opens in the fall of 2016 for the 2018 match. We anticipate offering 7 positions through the upcoming match, 1-2 of which will be for our specialized 2+2 research track.

The Department does not have any residency positions available for July 2017, and we do not accept applications outside of the ERAS process or offer positions outside of the NRMP match.

Our Dermatology Resident Selection Committee selects from among eligible applicants on the basis of preparedness and ability to benefit from our Dermatology Residency Training Program. In the selection process, we consider aptitude, past academic performance, motivation, integrity, ability to work with others, interpersonal communication skills, and other unique characteristics. We seek candidates with high potential for leadership who will eventually give more to the specialty than they will take from it. We also seek candidates who put patients first, enjoy learning in busy clinical settings, and understand that learning dermatology also requires extensive reading and studying during evenings and weekends. We seek team players who work well with faculty, fellow trainees, other departments, staff, and patients.

The Department of Dermatology does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

We do not have a minimum cutoff for USMLE Step I exam scores, and give somewhat limited weight to these scores, though applicants with Step I scores below 220 need to show evidence of stellar clinical performance on difficult clinical rotations to be competitive. We do not require election to the AOA honor society.

We strongly urge applicants to seek rigorous internship training in preliminary internal medicine or pediatrics programs that are highly academic in nature. Our experience has been that trainees who select certain transitional year (TY) internships or internships in community hospitals that are not closely tied to an academic medical center struggle during their first year of dermatology residency. Currently, UCSF's internal medicine department is not offering preliminary positions. However, if you rank UCSF Dermatology, we expect you to apply for, interview with, and seek to match at a rigorous, academic preliminary internship program. If you have questions about which programs might meet those criteria, don't hesitate to ask during your UCSF dermatology interviews.

Application Process and Requirements
Residency applications must be received by the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and must be fully complete by October 2, 2016. To learn more about ERAS, please contact your medical school or visit the ERAS website. Applicants must provide the following to ERAS. We have no further application submission requirements beyond those of ERAS:

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